Use Case

  • Prometheus will serve to collect the API metrics
  • Grafana will display it in panel to help to visualise the metrics

What you will need

Importing Grafana and Prometheus images

Searching through jedi archives

Jedi archives

What you will need

What il will look like

Execute Order 66 — Spring Security tutorial

What we will do


What it will look like

Road trip to Kamino — building rest API tutorial

What you will need

Factory pattern tutorial

Definition of the Factory pattern

Where to use the Factory pattern

  • When a class doesn’t know what sub-classes will be required to create
  • When a class wants that its sub-classes specify the objects…

Composite Pattern tutorial

Definition of Composite pattern

Where to use the Composite pattern?

UML example

Prototype design pattern tutorial

Definition of Prototype pattern

Where to use the Prototype pattern

UML example of the Prototype pattern

Definition of Builder Pattern

Where to use the builder pattern?

Use Case

jsPDF & html2canvas


npm i html2canvas
npm i jspdf


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